Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Why no comment?

I've just had the misfortune of browsing a labour blog called Aneurin Glyndwr. I'm not going to link to it as I wouldn't encourage people to read that crap but I'll just give you the gist of it, the biggest pile of regurgitated Labour shit since Prezza's last motion. But the real problem I've got with it is not the rubbish that's being blogged, it's the fact that he doesn't allow comments.

Now, if you want to write rubbish, it's your choice....hell, sometimes it's my choice too. But to turn off comments szo that people can't take you to task is just cowardly. If anybody does know this blogger tell him (or her) to grow a pair and allow comments so that someone can challenge his spin and smears. No wonder the valleys are starting to desert Labour with people like this fighting for them.


  1. The majority of the socialist blogs, from grassroots right up to the party funded/run sites, do not allow ANY dissent or free thought. The purpose of their s(h)ites is to dictate and spread their nonsense, not to debate it. In their mind, they are right and everyone else is wrong, end of story.

  2. Paul Flynn is another one - he allows comments but only after approval and deletes anything he doesn't like. All Labour blogs are pure propaganda.

  3. Good post, UB.

    I think Rab and Spidey are dead right: Labourists just haven't worked out what blogs are all about, with maybe two notable exceptions. But even they operate ridiculous, sanctimonious and heavily-ideological "moderation" (censorship) policies.

    The view I've formed in the few months I've been at it is that the only really credible, vigorous blogs jealously maintain their independence from any particular party line (even Con Home!), and see that the best way to engage readers' interest - and be persuasive - is to let them say whatever they like about the content.

    Failure to do that means your blog just cannot survive (ivory towers, ideology, alienation and so forth).

    The only real thing that hasn't been resolved is this problem of how and how not to censor comments. Personally, I think that everything "above the line" belongs to the blogger and everything "below" it, as long as it is on-topic, belongs to the reader.

    So let 'em say whatever the fugging titting sucking begoring hacking shagging humping hell they want. Don't bite the hand that slaps you in the face ;)