Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Good Economy debate on Newsnight

When I say good debate I am of course referring to Paxman, Hammond and Cable. Why did Liam Byrne bother showing up, like his incompetent master he has proved incapable of answering a question. What a chump.

At least Hammond and Cable were prepared to say what areas they would look at and cut. Byrne spouted some rubbish about waiting to announce things to parliament first which will be a novel innovation for this government as it's usually The Guardian, The Mirror and the BBC before parliament. He doesn't realise that the debate over cuts was won nearly a year ago, the public knows and accepts cuts must be made. The Tories won the argument, the liberals followed the prevailing wind but Labour have turned up late to the party, drunk and incoherent and are about to be ejected for groping someone else's mum.

I'd say that Hammond put on a slightly better performance than the grand sage Cable, bu that may be my bias. Nevertheless, a very strong performance from the man doomed to be the most unpopular member of the next tory administration for having to do the necessary and think the unthinkable.


Fraser Nelson and Andrew Rawnsley were even better than the politicians. Nelson has mentioned this 20% cuts plan alledgedly being drawn up by the Civil service. It'll be interesting to find out if this is the case. With cuts of that scale, it'll definitely be structured so that no essentuial and backline services get chopped first. This could be useful as no-one wants to see frontline staff get it in the neck while their layabout managers continue to collect their inflated wages and pension packages.

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  1. What's clear is that no one's in charge any more. While the left media shamelessly and with frightening mendacity talks about the end of Brown's recession, Britain declines and declines - and all the Labourist bastards can do is lie through their teeth, lie some more and tread water until conference season.

    This is a bad, bad time! A political dead zone. Gawd 'elp us.