Wednesday, 16 September 2009

What are the beeb doing?

So tonight's big story on Newsnight isn't the leaked Treasury document, it isn't the social justice report from IDS, it wasn't even another quarter of appalling unemployment, it was a waste dumping story in the Ivory Coast. No wonder people are bypassing the BBC for their news and relying on blogs. And newsflash BBC...most of us are probably just as biased as you but from the other end of the spectrum, why not meet in the middle and be the impartial news source you apparently used to be (though in my 30 years I struggle to recall a time when you didn't have a leftwing agenda.).


At least they have actually mentioned the unemployment figures. The communication workers union boss is a slimy shit. Let him strike if he wants too, privatise by the Royal Mail. And as for Jim Knight, he's in cloud cuckoo land. And why no Tory or Liberal to counter his bullshit? The unemployed man on there outdebated the pair of them, hopefully he get's a job soon.

And now they're turning the Treasury leak on the Tories because they won't write an emergency budget 8 months before the GE. Name any politician who would ever do that?

Nice to watch Fraser Nelson catch Brown hook, line and sinker again though.

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  1. It was a perfect match with the Guardian's current online news menu, complete with "nasty old Big Oil" displacement "top story". Quelle surprise.

    Getting rid of this Labour government is as much a battle against the BBC as it is against Brown and his thugs. They started it.

    But they're both suicidally deluded as far as I can discern, so all we have to do is provide ample lengths of rope. Then they'll hang themselves. Good.