Saturday, 12 September 2009

A man for all seasons

There are times when I just love being a Manchester United Fan, I'm also proud to be a Welshman and on some glorious days, I am able to combine the two. What's all this drivel in aid of, you may ask? (You may not even care! TOugh tits, I'm telling you anyway!) It's about a man...but not just any man, a remarkable athlete, a fantastic role-model and professional. The most successful footballer in the history of Britain and an all-round niceguy and family man to boot. I am of course referring to Ryan Giggs, footballer and record-breaker extraordinaire.

Why have I chosen to laud him today? What more could he have achieved after such a glittering career? He has made the most appearances for a United player (811), won more league titles than any other player (12) and until today was the only player who had scored in every season since the inception of the Premier league in 1992/93 (He also scored in the 2 seasons preceeding it too). A record of longevity at the very top that is only bettered by the great Paolo Maldini of Milan and Italy.

Well today, he just extended one of those records when he scored in yet another premier league season. And it was also his 149th goal as well so the 150 will be his next milestone to reach. Giggsy, I salute you! And lets hope there is a couple more seasons of memories for you to provide us.

Tim Montgomerie (Yes he of ConHome) also runs a United blog, Mustbered and is currently running a petition to get Ryan knighted. If you haven't signed this, then please do so. To my knowledge no player has been made a Sir whilst still playing, if any player ever deserved to break that, than it would be him. Personally, I'd make the man a Lord. Wouldn't that sound good being read out by an announcer...'No.11 Lord Giggs of Salford & Ely', let's make it happen!


Ryan has only won 11 league titles...we'll have to wait a few more months for his 12th! And have just seen his goal on MOTD. It was a peach!


  1. Top stuff, UB. Just got back from my local. What a match. Giggs = God.

  2. I so wish I'd subscribed to ESPN but shall have to content myself with Match of The Day later and then watch the full 90 mins tomorrow.

    And if Giggsy is god, surely Evra is the 2nd coming! One of only 2 Frenchmen in the world I like. Of course, 'Le Roi' is the other!

  3. Correction, 3 Frenchmen. Musn't forget Jean Reno.

  4. It wasn't on Sky Sports so I had a great excuse to carry myself off to the pub. In that sense at least, thank God for PPV ESPN.

    Agree with your selection of approved frogs, UB, but would add to it that other great actor of the French persuasion, Gerard Depardieu (even though his nickname in Scouseville is probably "Stevie" - assuming they've heard of him - and that's assuming a helluva lot).

    Reno -v- Depardieu: truly, a heavyweight bout between a pair of genius acting Frenchy prize fighter types.


  5. Ah, but Reno looks cooler holding a gun so wins by default, plus managed to steal every scene he shared with De Niro in Ronin without trying hard. While Depardieu has made some good films, he's done some absolute stinkers too.

  6. Watertight arguments.
    Reno it is, then. By a knockout.