Thursday, 17 September 2009

WTF? Scientology?

I let GoogleAds run on the site in the vain hope that one day I'd have enough visitors to make some cash out of it (I'm up to about 90p at the moment!) but tonight I spotted the weirdest thing. Why on earth is advertising on here? What about my posts made those fruitloops think it was a good idea when I and my readers tend to be independantly minded people with a healthy libertarian slant? I can't see them brainwashing too many of my readership into handing over vast quantities of their own money so that we can get more Thetans in our systems or whatever shit they believe (Don't they know there's a bloody recession on?). Besides, if I can avoid Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism (Nice guys, but I'm never going to become a vegetarian and orange just isn't my colour!), etc. what makes them think I'm going to buy into L. Ron Hubbard's fraudulent theological pyramid scheme? They'll probably send one of their little drones here to bleat about me disparaging them but they forget one thing...I'm a rightwing welsh blogger. I have to put up with drivel from Labour and Plaid every day, a bunch of aliens is a walk in the park compared to those frauds! And I think I've a bit more mental togetherness than this guy :-

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