Thursday, 24 September 2009

Poor little Jimmy G Brown

We've all had it...that moment when the one you love the most decides you're a complete loser and gives you the spanish archer. It starts with a big argument (libyagate), then you end it in acrimonious phonecall that gets out amongst your acquaintances (Even though you pretend the conversation was 'warm and amicable') and then they choose to snub you when you are at the same social event with friends when you try to go for a reconciliation (Though, people usually take the hint the first time. 5 attempts is almost the work of a stalker!). Desperation is a stinky cologne.

How said for wee Jimmy Brown...'The One (tm)' has forsaken him and is probably playing footsie with the French midget and 'Bristols' Merkel. And now the british press are having a field day, laughing at the smelly kid on the back of the bus that no-one wants to play with. 'Walrus' Clarke, the big hairy bully is waiting to beat him up and steal his pocket money when he gets back to school as well. What is a boy to do? He almost wishes he could quit and never go back....hmm, now there's an idea. Unfortunately Headmaster Mandleson has written him a speech he has to deliver in assembly in front of all the other remedial students first, it's a tough life.

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