Saturday, 12 September 2009

Back to the future

Hat-tip to Dazed & Confused for finding this youtube clip. I'm a euro-sceptic but not a ranting better-off-outer usually. But when I watched this video I found it hard to disagree with the points being made. The people of the EU are by and large sleepwalking into this future disaster, hoodwinked by the politicians who profess to look after their interests.

Thatcher and the right faced down and ultimately won against the Soviet Union. The task facing Cameron and the right of centre politicians of today will be more difficult. They have to stop the insidious enemy within that seeks to turn nations in europe into the political rquivalents of the likes of Arkansas, but without the pesky checks and balances of democracy. Mind you, I think I could handle being an oligarch, with my yacht, football club, money grabbing nymphomaniac wife, etc.

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